MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment App Reviews

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Great app

A lot of helpful information and saves you time

Take care of Acne

Been looking for such an app for a long time. It does not only contain all the info you need to take care of acne, but also tools to scan your face and monitor improvement over the course of weeks and keep you motivated. Truly helped me control my acne with the advice provided


I noticed an improvement in my skin condition after acting on the details I got from this app. Suggestions provided by dermatologists are excellent and can be really helpful in reducing and removing unwanted acne. Worked great for me

Helped me a lot!

I always felt embarrassed by my acne and have tried almost every topical ointment out there with little effect, this app offers great advice to help with the problem, hoping I get clear skin soon!

Gender symbols incorrect

Havent even gotten to enter any information yet as the gender symbols are incorrect which makes me question this app already.


Its nice to have an app where you can have some tips and tricks for acne. Lately Ive been having some trouble with it and this app has been helpful.

Could be better

Its great for people that only have acne on their cheeks but I have mine on my forehead and chin so this doesnt help me because it only analyzes your cheek


I just started using this app and it seems exciting! I cant wait to start my journey of getting rid of my acne. It tells you so many great tips! I just saw this as an ad on Facebook. It starts with how do you think your acne rates as then you take a picture. So you get acne creams or pills to choose from. Afterwards you start your free 90 day plan!


Just started my 90 day acne treatment plan and just bought all the recommend products for me. So excited!

Great app but just too expensive

Great Idea for an app, lots of cool features (e.g daily tips, video tutorials, guides) the only flaw is that you cant access most of the offered features without a subscription fee.

Must for everyone with Acne

Finally a real Acne app that helps you. Image analysis and videos are amazing. Getting better and better in each version. Its a must for anyone with Acne.

Dont use Benzoyl peroxide

This app recommends A LOT of benzoyl peroxide but that is TERRIBLE for your skin! Its like going outside and letting the sun burn your skin! The app itself is cool will the right healthy things to eat and cool facts! I would recommend the Real-u face wash gel and moisturizer! No benzoyl peroxide, no harsh chemicals, and vegan! I would also recommend watching the videos that are on there website, full of facts and such an amazing product! Its an Australian company but definitely worth it!

Recommended for anyone with pimples

Gives you a diagnosis and a daily routine. Also easy to buy products from the app

Get prepared

Its a great tools to examine your skin condition. And also usefull if you are getting further treatment with qualified doctors.

Very informative

Good app for people that cant figure out how to treat their acne problems. Analyzes your situation and gives good advice and recommendations.

A scam.

This is a scam. Dont use.


Imnovate and very user friendly. The UI and design are gorgeous and appeal well to your target demographic. Acne is always hard but with this app all the solutions are right at the tips of your fingers

Great app

Easy to use and really helpful

Helpful in many ways

I really enjoy using this app, being able to see how my acne got better throughout time. I love to be able to see how bad it was before and house good it is now

3 stars because....

I think this app is cool but this is somethings that annoy me about this app I cant change the products I use I dont use most of the products I put in when I started this app and I cant change it, my skin hasnt improved and its telling me its improved 42% and that its mild which is a bit annoying. I also think you should get a free trial of the premium version because then we will know what we are paying for before we actually have to pay for it. If these things change this app would get a perfect score from me :)

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